Student club of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics on Charles University

We are highly pleased to welcome you to the site of the Matfyz Development Student Club. Who we are? A student organization focusing on computer science, software, and data engineering. In our leisure time, we create, innovate, and develop a solution for a wide community. Our goals are to master the process of software development in teams, learn to utilize trendy tools, collaborate and most importantly to meet new friends.




Mathletics was created in collaboration with KTV MFF UK for tracking sport activities.

Mathletics website
Github repository

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Do you have a good idea for a project? Do not wait up and let us know!

Join us!

Are you ready to start your journey as a developer at MDSC? If your answer was yes, two easy step remaining to be our member!

1. Choose your path


As a contributor, you will be solving challenging problems, developing scalable and reliable solutions, participating in the team's culture and its motion. You can organize or participate in every event according to your preferences and time possibilities.


The organizer takes care of keeping the project on rails, by bringing innovations, workflows, and experience from the industry. They mainly focus on program organization, backend management, and also participating in events as the Contributor does.

2. Send application to our email and put the role in the subject


Is the attendance to the club mandatory?

In a certain way yes (why would you join us anyway), but the time management is fully in your hands. What will be nice, if you at least participate in your team stand-ups.

What projects do you focus on?

Generally what the teams will agree on. The standard procedure is as follows: Team is formed. The team leaders are elected (There will be 2 team leaders for each project and those leaders will be re-elected when the new project starts), an initial meet-up where the members will outline the workflows, topics, tools, etc. The topics will be either provided by organizers or by team members and it can be their project from scratch or derivation of an open-source project.